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Systems Manual

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“Develop a systems manual that provides future operating staff the information needed to understand and optimally operate the commissioned systems.” LEED-NC

System Manual

The concept of a systems manual (previously called a re-commissioning management manual) in LEED terminology is similar to that of a car owner’s manual. The manual is meant to inform building staff, current or future service contractors, as well as occupants and users as to the basis for operating and maintaining a building’s systems. It is intended to be useful in the day-to-day operations of a facility. It also forms the basis of transferring important building information from one party to the next.


Develop a systems manual that provides future operating staff the information needed to understand and optimally operate the commissioned systems.

Provide a Systems Manual in addition to the O&M Manuals submitted by the Contractor. The Systems Manual generally focuses on operating, rather than maintaining the equipment, particularly the interactions between equipment. The Systems Manual shall include the following for each commissioned system:

# Final version of the BOD
# System single line diagrams
# As-built sequences of operations, control drawings and original set points
# Operating instructions for integrated building systems
# Recommended schedule of maintenance requirements and frequency, if not already included in the project O&M manuals
# Recommended schedule for retesting of commissioned systems with blank test forms from the original Commissioning Plan
# Recommend schedule for calibrating sensors and actuators

Responsibility for collating the systems manual should be clearly specified in contract documents. For example, the CxA would be responsible for compiling the manual form the information provided by the project team, particularly the contractors.

Building Log Book

Similar in concept to the Systems Manual the Building Log Book is a requirement of Part L2 of the UK building regulations.

Operator Training

LEED requires the CxA to verify that the requirements for training of operating personnel and building occupants are completed. Based on the particular project, the CxA document that the training was completed according to the contract documents. To ensure proper training at the systems level we recommend:

# The Owner plans ahead and makes available the staff that will operate the building.
#The design team ensures that contract documents make clear the extent of training to be provided, by whom, and at what stage in the construction phase.
# Contractors are aware of their responsibilities in providing reasonably comprehensive training for operating staff.
# Training is provided on a schedule agreed bt the project team.

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